Broad-Enrich tests sets of broad genomic regions (e.g., from ChIP-seq data for histone modifications or copy number variations) for enriched biological pathways, Gene Ontology terms, or other gene sets. The pre-defined gene sets are the same as used in LRpath, and can be browsed here. Using an input .bed, .narrowPeak or.broadPeak file, Broad-Enrich determines the proportion of each gene locus covered by a peak, using a chosen "gene locus definition". The "locus" of a gene is the region from which the gene is predicted to be regulated. Broad-Enrich uses a logistic regression model to test for association between the proportion of each gene locus covered by a peak and gene set membership. It empirically adjusts for the bias due to locus length using a binomial cubic smoothing spline within the logistic model. Output includes summary plots, peak to gene assignments, and enrichment (and depletion) results including odds ratio, p-value, and FDR for each gene set.